Code Red – Get the garden hose now!

Most of Richmond has had less than half an inch of rain in the last two weeks. Although the weather should be more comfortable for us later this week, the ground is just too dry for young trees to get the water they need; we must water them.

Therefore, we are at CODE RED for new trees.

 And why should you care about that tree in front of your house?

If you would like to save money on air-conditioning, you should care.

If you would like to get a higher price if you sell your home, you should care.

Yes, it will take a few years before that young tree shades your home to keep it cooler and adds up to 15% to your property value, but watering it now is a good investment.

Whether or not you enjoy trees for their beauty and environmental contributions, research shows that trees cut paving maintenance costs in half on shaded residential streets, contribute to reducing crime, and induce shoppers to spend time and money in shaded shopping areas.

Please help grow Richmond’s future tree canopy by watering a young tree now. 

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