Thousand Cankers Disease Workshop

On of July 21, 2011 the Richmond area was placed under a temporary quarantine due to thousand cankers disease (TCD) which is lethal to black walnut trees.  The quarantine limits the movement of all walnut plants and plant parts, including logs, stumps, firewood, roots, branches, mulch and chips out of the quarantined area.

The City of Richmond’s Urban Forestry Division and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) is offering education for Richmond residents. This workshop is limited to 50 participants.

Thousand Cankers Disease Workshop

September 27, 2011    6:30 pm to 8:30 pm  

Round House in Byrd Park

Print, complete and mail the form below to reserve your space.

Thousand Canker Disease Workshop Registration Form

The workshop will include:

  • Welcome/opening remarks
  • Overview and history of TCD
  • Biology: Geosmithia and the walnut twig beetle
  • Field recognition and lab diagnostics: Signs, symptoms, lab confirmation
  • Quarantine overview and update
  • Break- 15min
  • Current areas of known infestation in Richmond area
  • Management: Field sanitation  & resistance among walnut species
  • Hands on experience: Dissect branch samples / look for cankers and twig beetle
  • A brief look at the emerald ash borer and the Asian long horned beetle

Presenters are:

Norman Brown, City of Richmond Arborist
Larry Nichols, Program Manager, VDACS Office of Plant Industry Services
Norman Dart, Plant Pathologist, VDACS

For more information, you may contact Norm Brown at (804) 646-6785.


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