There’s Treasure in Trees

Have you noticed that our urban forest is growing? Richmond’s Urban Forestry Department has planted almost 2,000 trees this winter. This investment will repay us many times over by cleaning our air and water, shading our homes, providing habitat, etc. The list of benefits that a healthy urban canopy provides is very long and even includes such things as less childhood asthma and decreased health care costs.

However, our urban foresters cannot do it alone. These young trees will need many other people willing assist in getting them off to a healthy start. And EVERY TREE COUNTS! The urban canopy includes all trees, including the ones in your yard. Learning how to properly plant, maintain, and care for your own trees is the most effective action any citizen can take.

Richmond Tree Stewards are here to help you learn about trees and their benefits.   On Saturdays in April we will have tree walks to introduce you to some of our favorite friends. There will be children’s activities on April 7 in Forest Hill Park   and our Tree Academy on April 14 will help you learn more about the urban forest as well as how to choose and care for your own trees.

Click on the “Richmond Arbor Day 2012” in the sidebar for more information and to register for the Tree Academy.

We look forward to seeing you in April.

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