SOS! Extreme heat threatens young trees

Richmond has hundreds of new trees that need your TLC, especially during high heat periods. Brief cloudbursts don’t provide enough water. Trees less than three years old need 15 gallons of water a week (or an inch of rain) from May through October.

If you adopted a city tree, or if you see one that’s not being cared for, please water it now. If the tree has a gator bag, fill it weekly. If not, let a hose trickle onto the ground. Try to move the hose around. Not sure when you’ve reached 15 gallons? Time how long your hose, set to trickle, takes to fill a gallon jug and multiply by 15—or set your timer for an hour.

You can also punch small holes in a 5-gallon bucket, fill it, and place it next to the trunk. Refill it twice and move it around the tree.

Underwatering can do more harm than good. Please be generous! Fifteen gallons is only half the water used in an average shower.

Also, see our previous post – HOW TO WATER A TREE – and contact us if…

  • you need a gator bag for a street tree
  • you would like more trees planted in your neighborhood
  • you would like a presentation for your organization

Thank you for your help.  Together we can grow a healthy urban canopy.  

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