Street Tree Planting Is In Full Swing

new street treeThanks to the efforts of Richmond’s three city arborists, new members of the community forest are showing up all over town, especially on main thoroughfares.   You can recognize them by the fresh ring of mulch at the bottom and the white mark several feet up the trunk.  The mulch will help retain moisture and add organic matter;  the white mark identifies this as a first year tree that will need priority when it’s time to water.

If you adopted a tree and have not seen your tree yet, please know that planting will continue until mid spring.  Also, be aware that not all the trees are planted at the same time in a given neighborhood; it’s possible for your neighbor to get his tree before you do.

 The watering season  for new trees begins in May; watering bags will be placed on the trees soon.  If your garden hose will reach a street tree planted this year or last, please help these trees get off to a good start by watering at least every two weeks (every week when it gets hot and dry). When citizens help take care of the trees near their homes, the water trucks will be able to water trees in medians and on busy streets more often and we will have healthier, stronger trees providing benefits across town.

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Take care of trees – they will pay us back!


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