Good summer for young trees….will it last?

So far this has been a good summer for new trees.  Lots of rain, not too hot.  But we may soon need to replace that umbrella that’s been in our hands with the garden hose!   A steady rain, an inch a week, is needed to get water down to the roots.  Quick showers or brief, heavy rains just don’t do the job, especially for street trees  –  most of that water runs off.  And so, the  watering of young trees is best done by us!   Visit our Summer Tree Care  page for information on how to water new trees.  It is quick and easy, but must be done correctly for the tree to benefit. 

Other tips…

  • Steer clear near trees when using the lawn mower or string trimmer.  You could cause significant damage!
  • Keep the area near the tree free of grass and weeds.
  • Use mulch properly…not more than 3 inches deep and never touching the trunk.


And please include of that new street tree near your house or business when watering  your trees.  We’ll even remind you!  Just subscribe to our website to receive updates on when you need to water.  









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