Two busy week-ends for Tree Stewards

We are off to a great start in 2014, pruning 68 trees on Semmes Avenue and removing invasive species in Forest Hill Park with a wonderful group of William and Mary students.

The before and after shots of the tree below show the work of several stewards who tackled a Chinese elm (Ulmus parvifolia) in dire need of developmental pruning.  The removal of certain branches helps the tree develop a single, dominant leader which will reduce the chance of failure of large braches during storms when the tree is bigger.  This technique requires some careful planning, knowledge and experience. Some say this is more art than science and every tree is different. This project included most small trees on Semmes from 24th Street to 34th and created quite a large pile of debris.

You can also tell that the weather was very different on the two days that we worked. Tree Stewards will usually carry our their planned projects unless there is heay rain, thunder, lightening, or really extreme temperatures.  We are a hardy bunch!


In Forest Hill Park we worked with a group of enthusiastic students from the College of William and Mary to remove ivy, privet, and other invasive species from Forest Hill Park. The session actually began the evening before with a discussion of urban green space, non-native invasive plant issues and the importance of native plants and trees.   The next day there were 2 large piles of invasive plants that had been removed.

Thanks to Richmond’s Department of Urban Forestry and the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities for their support of these projects.



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