Most of Richmond received an inch of welcome rain today, with some areas south of the river getting double that or more.  This storm, with its’ thunder, lightening and scary warnings, had many thinking about downed limbs and power outages, but tree stewards also think about watering young trees.  Yes – even on a day like today we are thinking about watering trees.  Obsessed? Maybe, but there is some logic here…

When rain falls hard and fast on dry, parched ground much of that water runs off into the drive way or street rather than soaking deep down to a plants roots. and so urban trees don’t really get as much water as one would think.   Young trees often still need additional water, even after a rain.

Thankfully, most trees got a good soaking today, but we need to keep providing water on a regular basis for these trees to survive.  Our watering alert has been changed from DRY to NORMAL and the recommendation is to water every week or two until October.  Our trees may perk up and look a little better now, but next week we still need to haul out the hose and give them another drink.

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