Belle Isle Project

Richmond Tree Stewards recently created a tree walk on Belle Isle*  Observations  made while working there have led to another project: we intend to restore a targeted area of the island by removing non-native plants and replacing them with the native species that belong there.  This beautiful, historic spot in the James River is now home to non-native, invasive plant species that completely cover some areas.  Many of our native trees, shrubs and perennials don’t have a chance in this situation and, as these non-native plants claim more space, our native animal species will suffer as well.  We want to change that.    

Our first day of work, January 17, was wonderful.  Many truck loads of privet were removed, eight native trees were planted and we had a great time!

Thanks to

  • James River Park System employees
  • Riverine Master Naturalists
  • Hands-On Greater Richmond
  • Rostov’s Coffee and Tea for coffee
  • Arborscapes, Debbie Beck and Catherine Farmer who donated funds for trees
  • The 35 volunteers who made the day a success!

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*  Click here to learn about all our tree walks


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