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Pruning young trees is a significant part of our work.    This past Saturday tree stewards pruned trees on the north side of Semmes Avenue in the Woodland Heights neighborhood.  (We will get to the south side of Semmes soon.) Specific branches were removed from young trees to help them develop good structure; clearance pruning was done to keep branches out of the way of pedestrians and vehicles.  To sum up the morning….

  •        34 trees
  •       10 stewards
  •       3 talks with residents
  •       2 debris piles and ivy cut at the base of 2 trees
  •       1 bag of litter collected

No matter what we’re doing, we are likely to find something interesting.  This time it was  gall on a swamp white oak.

Unusual looking gall

Unusual looking gall

Swamp white oak leaves

Swamp white oak leaves often remain on the tree during winter.

We are also working on Belle Isle to remove invasive species, replacing them with natives. Other stewards, along with some volunteers, were removing English ivy there while the pruning was done on Semmes.   Earlier in the week the privet population was reduced. Several truck loads of this invasive shrub have been removed!

Before removal

Before removal

After removal

After removal




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