Richmond’s Urban Tree Canopy: What You Need To Know

Trees are multitaskers by nature (the list of benefits they provide is very long) and tree canopy is becoming increasingly important in urban areas.   Ask yourself these questions…

  • Would you like respite from the hot summer sun?
  • Do lower energy bills sound good to you?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to reduce your carbon foot print while saving money that money?
  • Think of creeks with clear water and a functional ecosystem.  A nice place to sit and relax?
  • Want to live in a beautiful, green city rather than being surrounded by asphalt and concrete?

If you can answer YES to any of the above, you should be interested in our urban canopy, that layer of leaves, branches and stems that cover the ground when viewed from above.

We want to make you aware that there is currently no budget for tree planting.  During the previous 5 years there have been funds for tree planting, but now there are none.  

What you can do…

Contact your council person.  This is an urgent request.  We need to insist that Richmond continue a tree planting program.  We need to plant as many trees as possible every year.  The number planted is limited by budget constraints, of course, but should also be limited to the number of trees that can reasonably be maintained.   The budget must include maintenance needed for these new trees.

Plant a tree, or two or three.  The trees on your property provide the same benefits and are just as important as trees on city property.   Please note that interested citizens can plant trees on city property with the permission of the city arborist. Street Tree Planting Permit

Help existing street trees survive and thrive.   Citizens can help by watering young trees, providing mulch (never on the trunk of the tree) and avoiding damage to the trunk when using mowers or sting trimmers.    If possible don’t park under trees as this compacts the soil reducing the ability of the tree to absorb water and for the roots to grow properly.  Watering information    Proper mulching information

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