SOS: Shade Our Streets!

Facts and News

Richmond’s tree canopy is at about 40%.   This is actually good compared to some urban areas, but considering urban growth, heat-island effects, and the significant water quality issues we face today, this number needs to grow.   Now consider this…

  • Approximately 2,000 tree have been planted on city property each year for the last 5 years.
  • Not all of these survive.   Urban trees, especially those recently planted, have a hard life and some loss is expected.
  • Approximately 1,000 trees are removed from city property each year due to disease, age, weather, etc.
  • Increasing the canopy to provide cooling shade and water quality benefits is critical.
  • Growing trees to a size where benefits are realized is a slow process. Annual planting must be done to accomplish this goal.

However, the city’s planting plan in place for the last 5 years no long exists and there is currently no money budgeted for tree  planting.  

Canopy loss is inevitable.

What you can do

Contact your council person.  This is an urgent request.  We need to insist that Richmond continue a tree planting program.  We need to plant as many trees as possible every year.  The number planted is limited by budget constraints, of course, but should also be limited to the number of trees that can reasonably be maintained.   The budget must include maintenance needed for these new trees.

Plant a tree, or two, or three.  The trees on your property provide the same benefits and are just as important as trees on city property.   Please note that interested citizens can plant trees on city property with the permission of the city arborist. Street Tree Planting Permit

Help existing street trees survive and thrive.   Citizens can help by watering young trees, providing mulch (never on the trunk of the tree) and avoiding damage to the trunk when using mowers or string trimmers.    Watering information    Proper mulching information




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