About Us

Ours has been an active organization since 2007 when the dormant group was revived by Norm Brown, a city arborist until his retirement in 2013.  It was his vision and enthusiasm that created the dynamic team that is today known as the Richmond Tree Stewards.  Like a sapling, the Tree Stewards were given constant attention by Norm, nourishment in the form of training, classes and on-going education, and support through his liaison and representation of the Stewards to the City.  Word-of-mouth communication among citizens who care about the City and specifically the urban forest, brought more interested people to learn and grow and share and make a difference.  Interest is what got us here, but it was Norm’s passion that made us all want to be here, and want to stay.   Because of Norm, Richmond is a better place, and the Tree Stewards that he envisioned have become a critical part of the care of the City’s living environment.  Thanks Norm!

Norm planting another tree.

The group is led by an Executive Committee and the Tree Steward Advisory Panel who work closely with the City of Richmond Urban Forestry Division to plan projects, events and classes consistent with the mission to care for the urban forest and provide education.

Executive Committee

  • Louise Seals               President
  • Chuck Field                Vice President
  • Krissi Vandenberg    Secretary
  • Dave Pohlman           Treasurer
  • Vacant                         Liaison, Urban Forestry Division, City of Richmond

Committee Chairs

  • Louise Seals               Projects
  • Judith Nelson            Membership
  • Janine Lester             Education
  • Ann Burgess              Communications
  • Carol Ridderhof        Hospitality
  • Catherine Farmer    Community Outreach
  • Suzette Lyon             Community Roots/Arbor Day

Members at large

  • Joe Terry
  • Joel Cabot
  • Benson Marshall