Adopt a Neighborhood

Tree Stewards are invited to participate in this pilot project.

Neighborhoods for adoption are defined by the city’s map of civic organizations.


Certified Tree Stewards may adopt the neighborhood where they live, where they work, or any other are of town where there is an interest and a need.   Two stewards can adopt a neighborhood and work together as a team.  This is a unique opportunity to share your expertise.   Adopting a neighborhood simply means that you will

  • keep your eyes on the trees  
  • report significant issues to Urban Forestry
  • let neighborhood groups know that you can be a contact for information
  • propose tree care projects as needed
  • educate your neighbors about tree care and benefits.

There are no specific requirements.  What you choose to do will depend on the needs of  the trees in the area and your interests and abillities; most of your activities should be proposed as projects and, of course, you will have the whole organization behind you when you need help.  

The goal is to have Tree Stewards across town looking out for the trees and as contacts for their neighborhoods.  Good for the trees, good for the neighborhood, good for the future.

Use the contact form below to let us know you are interested in adopting a neighborhood or to inquire about this project.