Application for Community Groups


  • All projects on public property must have the approval of Richmond’s Department of Urban Forestry and if on park property, also the parks department.  Tree Stewards will obtain approval for those applications that are accepted.
  • We recommend selecting species from our TREE LIST. We can discuss obtaining other species that are site appropriate.  With rare exceptions, only native species will be provided.
  • Tree Stewards can assist in species selection and evaluation of the planting site.  We will need to meet with you on site at least once before planting and need to be included in selecting a project date.
  • One or more tree stewards will be there with you on planting day, which can occur between November and early March. This should be a community event to include members of your organization and/or the surrounding community.
  • Applicants should plan for and be prepared to water trees for the first two growing seasons.   See 3 Ways To Water Trees 
  • We request that you provide an opportunity for tree stewards to do a short presentation about trees (benefits of the urban canopy, tree care, etc) for your membership or volunteers.
  • We recommend that at least one member of your organization attend our tree care workshop on October 22.  We will hold 2 spaces for you until a week before the workshop.

If your project is approved, the president, board of directors or other responsible individual must provide a letter or e-mail to Richmond Tree Stewards to include the following:

    • Commitment to coordinate the planting project date with our organization and to organize the project.  You are responsible for recruiting volunteers, providing refreshments if needed, and covering the cost of mulch or other supplies; local merchants and restaurants are often eager to support such events.  We will supply the trees and assist volunteers on planting day.
    • Commitment to water trees for at least two growing seasons.  If water is not available at the site, the organization should explore options for watering and develop a plan. Contact us with questions regarding this.   Young trees may not survive their first summer without supplemental water.  Therefore, a good plan for watering is an absolute requirement.


  • You should receive a confirmation e-mail within 2 days of submitting this application. If you do not receive a confirmation please contact us at
  • Applications will be accepted through September 20.
  • Applicants will be notified on or near Oct 1.
  • Planting will take place between November and early March.