Street Tree Species List

Trees planted on city property are chosen from an Approved Species List that is updated annually.    City arborists approve all plantings and visit each site to ensure that the species to be planted is approrpriate.  Some considerations are…                      

Species should adapt to site conditions
example:  some tree species do not thrive in compacted urban soils

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Size at maturity  
especially important under power lines
Form and structure 
example:  vase shaped trees are appropriate on sidewalks;  trees with multiple trunks or spreading forms are usualy not
example:  oaks that produce large acorns or trees that drop fruit are generally not used where people walk
Diversity in the urban forest
a variety of species, genera and families will limit pest and disease potential

Citizens who wish to plant a street tree should obtain a permit, available at

Please note that there are trees appropriate for the home landscape not included on this list and that some trees on this list may not be appropriate for some residential properties.