Belle Isle Tree Walk

The purchase of labels & tags for trees was made possible by the     Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay through a grant from Altria.


This tree walk was created by Richmond Tree Stewards to enrich your experience of this beautiful site.  It features thirty-four trees that can be viewed from well-established paths.   Most are mature, though we have tagged a few smaller trees. Tags give the common and Latin names and have a QR code which accesses tree-specific information and images for that species.

Look for pawpaws in the fall and smell sweet magnolias in the summer.  Autumn brings a rich color to the dogwoods, sweet gums, and sassafras.  You can learn to identify the flaky bark of the river birch, pebbly texture of hackberry, and mottled green and white trunks of the sycamore, all year.   There’s something to enjoy in every season and you’ll want to return again and again.

Learn more about the species on this walk now or follow the map as you walk using your phone: Belle Isle Tree Map.  Click on the tree markers to open a window with images and text.

Print a map to take with you:  Belle Isle Tree Walk



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