Community Roots – Let’s Plant Some Trees!

Does your yard have an empty space begging for a tree?  

Does you local park need some shade?

Richmond Tree Stewards can help you fill that space.  

Our Community Roots event will offer trees free to home owners and to community organizations (friends of parks groups, schools, etc) in the City of Richmond.  This year, a small variety of native tree species will be offered; some large, some small, some with flowers, some with gorgeous fall colors, but all providing food and habitat to native Virginia wildlife.  

Get our tips for Selecting Trees for Urban Landscapes

Home Owners: Applications are closed.  All trees are taken 

  • We have 100 trees for properties in the City of Richmond.
  • Trees will be delivered to Byrd Park on the morning of Saturday, October 22, and will need to be picked up by the homeowner on that date. We anticipate that most trees will be in 7 gallon pots; some in 3 gallon pots.
  • We will provide you with planting and tree care information, but you are responsible for planting your trees.

Community group applications are closed

All recipients are expected to water the tree for the first 2 growing seasons.  Water is the single most critical factor for the success of newly planted trees in urban areas.

Contact us at with questions.

This project is made possible thanks to a grant from the

 Overton and Katherine Dennis Fund.


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