Join the NeighborWoods®



Take action to support trees in your community year-round

and CELEBRATE trees in October 2014

Join the NeighborWoods® in Richmond by partnering with Richmond Tree Stewards in planting, caring for and learning about our urban forest during October 2014.  Families, neighborhoods, civic associations and businesses all make great tree partners.

Trees planted during National NeighborWoods® Month will strengthen our communities by lowering energy costs, increasing property value, cleaning the air, and beautifying our neighborhoods.  The benefits of a healthy tree canopy are well-documented:

  • Shade from just three strategically placed trees can cut utility costs as much as 50%.
  • Homes with trees are valued as much as 20% higher than equivalent properties without trees.
  • Children perform better in school if they can spend time in green settings.
  • Trees reduce asthma rates in children by removing dust and pollution from the air.
  • Green spaces with trees increase neighborhood stability and safety by encouraging residents to spend more time outside and have more opportunity to meet.
  • Large shade trees support a huge variety of bird species, insects and other wildlife that enrich our environment.
  • Businesses on tree-lined streets may have sales up to 12% higher than those in treeless areas.
  • Shaded streets need to be paved half as often as those without tree cover.

October is when individuals and organizations across the nation will plant trees and engage in other greening efforts to beautify their communities while providing social, environmental and economic benefits. National NeighborWoods® Month is organized by the Alliance for Community Trees, of which Richmond Tree Stewards are a member, and is made possible by partnership with CSX.

Let’s get started! Early planning is especially important if you want to plant a tree or trees. You may plant on private property or city property – of course, with city permission, which we will help you obtain.   In all cases, Tree Stewards will be available to assist in tree selection, care and education.  We will buy a limited number of trees through the ACTrees and CSX program and will distribute them based on need.  We must plant in October, but if your project won’t be ready then, we can look at next year or when additional funding is available.

The Alliance for Community Trees, or ACTrees, is a national network of over 200 nonprofits, municipalities and corporate partners committed to promoting the benefits of trees.  Learn more at

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