Community Service Award

On March 13, Richmond City Council presented its Official Community Service Award to the Richmond Tree Stewards. You can check it out below:

 City of Richmond Community Service Award

We’d like to recognize all of the Tree Steward volunteers who make our work possible-let’s keep it up-Thank you!!


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Community Roots Update

We’ve been busy…Richmond Tree Stewards have been assisting with Community Group tree plantings over the last few weeks.   Thanks to the generosity of the the Overton and Katherine Dennis Fund, we provided trees for community group applicants as part of our Community Roots Program.  This program, offered in the early fall, is available to schools, churches, civic organizations and friends of parks groups within the city of Richmond.  

Recently six persimmons were planted with volunteers of Fonticello Food Forest; Scott’s Addition volunteers planted three flowering crabapples and three Princeton elms; and at William Fox Elementary School volunteers planted six large street trees (London plane, two ginkgo bilobas, Chinese elm and two honey locusts) in existing tree wells that were empty.  We have more coming so stay tuned…thank you to all of our great volunteers.  

Pictured above (left to right) are the Scott’s Addition folks, some of the planters at Fox Elementary and some of the group at the Fonticello Food Forest planting site.


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Best wishes to all this Holiday season!


Joe, Bill and Chuck…and new gravel bed

It may be December, but we are already thinking about the spring when our three newly constructed gravel beds will hold tree stock to be nurtured and planted here in Richmond. We want to give a shout out to these three hard working stewards for building the gravel beds.  This project is coming to fruition as part of Tree Stewards’ partnership with Enrichmond.

What’s a gravel bed?  It’s an irrigated bed of gravel in which to place and safely hold bare root or washed containerized tree stock for up to 3-6 months prior to planting.  Doing this significantly increases fibrous root volume and greatly improves the plant’s chances of survival.

We couldn’t be happier about the chance to add young trees to Richmond’s tree canopy. 

Thanks to everyone for your support over the last year … and Happy Holidays!!

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…November day on Belle Isle


Saturday was a beautiful day to be outside and plant native tree seedlings.  Our stewards had  lots of help from VCU students and planted over 130 seedlings in areas of Belle Isle where we had recently removed invasive species.  We work year round in many of Richmond’s parks and neighborhoods on varied types of tree care projects.

If this looks like something you might like to be involved in, check out our 2017 class registration information here:  Tree Steward Class Info and Application.  Class registration closes on 11/26.

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Join our training class and share your time and talent!

Tree Steward Training Class registration for 2017 is open—apply by November 26!

This is some of what we do…

  • We prune residential streets so residents can walk down the street without ducking.
  • We prune medians to improve driver visibility & to lengthen the lives of those trees so they can help clean our air and help reduce storm water runoff.
  • We give trees to homeowners and to neighborhood groups who want to add to our green canopy, and offer them a free workshop on how best to plant and care for trees.
  • We prune in city parks to raise the canopy —for neighborhood safety and crime prevention, but also just so people can picnic or rest under the trees.

People who have gone through our classes have pruned or watered or otherwise cared for more than 9,000 young street and park trees over the last 3 years!

To join us apply here:  2017 Class Info and Application

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Join our Class-Become a Richmond Tree Steward

2017 Tree Steward Class Registration is now open…

We offer a 10 week course plus hands-on-the-tree training where  you will learn proper pruning and planting techniques, tree biology, and tree pathology. You’ll also have a better understanding of the lives of urban trees and why they matter.  Come learn with us and then apply what you learn to help add more green to Richmond’s tree cover, either through tree care, tree planting or educating others about the importance of trees.  

“Learning about the care of our city trees has been an inspirational experience. I have truly enjoyed every single class.”~~2016 class participant

You can find our class schedule, details and application here:

 Annual Tree Steward Class Application

Apply by November 26~~class size is limited!

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Free Arbor Day Workshop

Why should you inspect the roots when planting a tree?

What do you look for?

How deep do you dig the hole?  Why does that matter?

 Proper planting is much more than just digging a hole and putting the tree in the ground.  It can actually determine the long term survival of the tree!  Come to our free workshop on the morning of October 22 to learn about planting, pruning and tree benefits.

Get more information and register here.

Space is limited – Register now.



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Celebrate Arbor Day

Did you know that fall, winter (unless the ground is frozen, of course) and early spring are the best times to plant trees in Virginia?  This gives trees the chance to settle in and grow some roots before the hot days of summer arrive.  That’s why Richmond Tree Stewards celebrate Arbor Day in the fall.  Join us to learn about tree benefits and how to plant and care for trees at our free workshop on the morning of October 22.

Registration is required and space is limited.

Get details and register here.   



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Tree Giveaway: 7 Trees Still Available

Sixty one Richmond homeowners have signed up for our

Community Roots tree give away!

Only 6 river birch and 1 American holly are left.

 Don’t delay, apply today.

American Holly Tree Bio

River Birch Tree Bio 

Information and Application






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Please water young trees

Mother Nature has taken care of the watering for much of the summer.  It seems that now it’s up to us to water young trees.  Pay particular attention to trees planted in the last two years and to those in hot spots such as full sun and near streets or driveways.

slow trickle from garden hoseIf there is a young street tree that your hose will reach, please water that, too.

No watering bag?  No problem.  Click here to learn how to water young trees.



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